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b. loiacono

official website of author, illustrator b. loiacono featuring her debut book The Masterpiece


the masterpiece childrens book front cover

the masterpiece

what happens when your light goes out? where does the power to continue come from? and who decides who you are anyway?

the masterpiece is (one part of) the story of Bea an ethereal, bright little girl who grew up believing things outside the lines and lost herself. 


drawn entirely with b. loiacono’s

non-dominant left hand _a homage to error and no sense_ the masterpiece is an autobiographical account of truth, oddness and spirit.



when the lights go out inside 

when the world closes in 

when you fall

and it is DARK

things feel scary

things feel unsure

you could use a hug but it is nowhere

to be found

you are in the dark.

o DARK is a lyrical story of befriending the sad +finding the light in black.

The Colour Book.jpg

the colour book

the colour book is an expression of colour through the feeling of colour.

the book follows four characters called the Twinkles as they wholeheartedly embody the spirit of each colour in different ways.

written for pre-schoolers 

the colour book is a playful expression of viewing colour as sensation.

In The Press


b in pink.jpg

by the age of 5 B had observed that if you combined pictures +words on a page +gave them to someone it made them feel something.  this discovery became B's way of sharing herself with the world.


it wasn't until a science degree then a left step into design +a hop step leap into illustration +writing that she discovered this could be her life.

describing her mind as a place of pictures +her hunger for creative expression as a way of life B interprets the world with an individual flavour that speaks to your soul. 

B loves to create stories that focus on a central character or theme. she works initially in black ink then introduces collage, watercolour, pencil or oil before refining her work digitally. 

B lives in Melbourne, Australia with her two sons, a golden kelpie +a house full of plants.

News and Events

the masterpiece book launch event is near register below for details  



For B visual architect visit here

For any media enquiries, please contact B:

Tel: +61 414 461 473 |

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